Tyre Minder Indicator Caps

Safer, Cheaper, Greener motoring in seconds...

If you thought tyre pressure warnings were just a lot of hot air, think again

Incorrect tyre pressures can compromise a vehicle's handling and braking and, in extreme cases, can contribute to an accident.

Neglecting to ensure correct pressures also costs you money.

TyreMinders™ help extend the life of tyres, reduce the risk of damage to expensive tyres and wheels and improve fuel efficiency. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, a tyre with an inflation level just two psi below the optimum level measurably increases fuel consumption.

Benefits: Unparalleled safety. Better fuel efficiency. Longer tyre life. Maximum performance.

Convenience: TyreMinders™ allow your to check your tyre pressures at a glance. This helps reduce the possibility of time-consuming tyre repairs and the inconvenience of ill-timed flats.

Safety: Most non-crash auto fatalities occur while drivers are changing flat tyres.
Correct tyre pressure improves the stability of a vehicle including its handling and braking.

Fuel Economy: Maintaining correct tyre pressure with TyreMinders™ measurably improves fuel consumption.

Protection: TyreMinders™ help protect against damage to expensive tyres and wheels.

Performance: When tyre pressure is kept at proper levels, optimum vehicle braking, steering, handling and stability can be achieved.